Shooting Star of Telepathy

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Nature is a reservoir of mysteries. Déjà vu, sixth sense, telepathy, and some of the out-of-the-body experiences are still a wonder to us.

Kiran, a boy with dyslexia kind of disability was struggling to catch up with other students. He can read a letter and words, but when it comes to a sentence, he still can read it, but won’t understand anything. He had other talents, like the photographic memory. He lived in a world, which is adamant that, everyone must go through the same training in schools. Just like, we are training a fish to climb a tree.

Kiran was flexible, adaptive and never hesitated to unlearn things. He often hit his lowest point as he realized he is just nothing. That’s when nature chooses Kiran to present one of nature’s secrets to the human race. That’s when his life got kick-started.

Kiran, a voyager in the mysteries was never a master of his sea, never a captain to his own ship. It was the tide and waves shown him the land of wonders and magic. He was just picking up the shells from the shores, where he landed on. And this is his story.


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Autor : Vimal George



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